18:45 PM

Why I love Klein Curaçao



Curaçao is like ice cream; why only have one scoop when you can have two!? So why stick to one island when there are (you guessed it) TWO! 

Klein Curaçao is a wonderful addition to the already gorgeous Curaçao. It is a small, uninhabited island on the south-east coast of Curaçao, so it’s very easy to reach by boat. 

We went with Miss Ann Boattrips, I definitely recommend going with them! Their staff is very friendly and helpful, not to mention they care for food on the Klein Curaçao as well! If you’re looking for something a bit more exclusive while on Curaçao, this is the perfect quick getaway.

Now I must say, getting there was quite the trip. As you rock into the waves constantly it’s common to get seasick and feel dizzy. We were told to set our eyes on the horizon to make this feeling go away, although it helped a little, I couldn’t wait to get off ASAP! Anyway, here’s why I love Klein Curaçao…

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