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What to Do in 4 Days in Willemstad Curaçao

Emily, See Her Travel


Curacao is a kind of alcohol. It is blue and it is sweet and I have no idea what it is made of. End of story. Oh wait, no, there is an actual COUNTRY named Curaçao and the alcohol is actually named after the country.

I assume. Naming a country after an alcohol seems misguided. But that was where my ignorance level sat regarding the country of Curaçao. Low.

And then, I moved to Jamaica and was immediately harassed by my friend Mark to meet Jeremy and him for their vacation to Curacao. You’re vacationing in alcohol? Ok! Oh right, we’re talking about the country now. Still, OK!

So now that we have established that Curacao is an actual country and not only a blue liquor, Mark told me to book my flights via Insel Air, as there are only two direct flights to Curacao from Jamaica every week and I best be on them.

Over the next few months, Mark and I colluded about the trip, planning activities and fantasizing about how awesome it was going to be. Why was Jeremy not a part of these conversations?

Oh, because the whole trip was a “mystery trip”. That’s right: Mark had booked a 2 week holiday for the two of them, travelling to New York City, Aruba, and Curacao, and Jeremy knew ZERO details. He knew when they were going and for how long. Nothing more.

As can be assumed by my lack of knowledge regarding Curacao, it had never been on my travel radar. But being lucky enough to travel there, I can firmly say that I was dumb. Curacao is beautiful, it has great food, and the beaches were magnificent. Also, there are a ton of things to do in Curacao, so we did do a few of them!

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