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Visiting an Ostrich Farm in Curaçao

Diana Lambdin Meyer, Mojotraveler


I was determined not to scream and squeal like a little girl, but I couldn’t help myself.  I was on the southern Caribbean island of Curaςao and a full grown ostrich was eating out of my bare hands.

Whodathunkit? A scene straight out of Africa on the Dutch island just 35 miles from Venezuela. But it was one of the most fun things we did, you know, besides just lying in the sun and all of those little umbrella drinks.

The Ostrich Farm is about 20 minutes outside of the capital city of Willemstad and is home to about 200 ostriches, emus and pot-bellied Vietnamese pigs.

We climbed up in the back of a camouflaged farm truck with about a dozen other guests and rode around while our guide, Alexander, told us all about ostriches. He didn’t come out and say they are some of God’s ugliest and stupidest creatures, but seriously, the Good Lord was surely having a good laugh when he thought up the ostrich.

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