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Underrated Curacao should be the next place you go in the Caribbean

By Rachel Vigoda, USA Today 10Best

Originally published: Feb 12, 2020

Curacao is an island treasure

Nearby Aruba gets most of the attention among travelers coming from the United States. But with its small beaches tucked into hidden coves, colorful Dutch colonial architecture, affordable hotels, and non-touristy vibe, Curacao is an under-the-radar Caribbean island that should be on your list of sun-soaked destinations.

Many of the resorts on the southeastern side of the island front beaches overly packed with loungers. Instead, split your time between exploring the UNESCO World Heritage city of Willemstad and the rugged western side of the island for the best vacation experience.

Sunny skies year-round

Set outside the hurricane belt, Curacao doesn’t have a bad season. The weather fluctuates slightly, with the fall and early winter seeing more rain than the rest of the year, but the occasional showers pass through quickly to cool you off just enough before the sun pops out to heat things up again.


Beach-hoppers' paradise.

If you’re looking for a long stretch of beach lined with resorts, you’re on the wrong island. Curacao’s coast is dotted with small coves, where you can sit back on a curve of sand surrounded by cacti-covered hills while gazing out onto the endless turquoise water ahead.

Beach-hopping between coves, never knowing quite what the next one will look like, is a perfect way to spend a day. Start at the popular Playa Kenepa, where a $15 ticket gets you two beach chairs and an umbrella at two Continue here