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The 14 Best Beaches in Curacao

Justin Carmack, Art of Scuba Diving


If you are planning a Caribbean getaway, and want to know what are the best beaches in Curacao, look no further! Here is a list of the top 14 curaçao beaches you need to visit!

Located in the southern Caribbean Sea, north of the Venezuelan coast, Curacao consists of the main island as well as the uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao.

While there are so many terrific places to see in here, the most famous and popular would, of course, be the many amazing beaches in Curacao. This beautiful island nation is the perfect place to go for that dream vacation or to spend an extended period of time.

1. Blue Bay Beach

Blue Bay Beach CuracaoBlue Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Curacao. The amazingly soft white sand shoreline is loved by locals as well as tourists.

It has many facilities including restaurants, a children’s playground, dive school, showers and toilets plus much much more. There is a water sports center where you can rent equipment including kayaks, snorkeling and diving equipment, and boards of all types.

Swaying palm trees provide a lot of shade, and of course you will find lounge chairs and umbrellas there for your use. This is one of the best Curacao beaches for families with children as the sea floor has a gentle slope to it so the kids are safe playing in the water.

2. Boka St. Michiel

Boka St. Michiel, which is also known as Boka Sami, is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Blue Bay for Curacao beaches. It is a small beach with little sand and no shade, but is a treasure to visit.

It is a traditional fishing village, and you will see the many small fishing boats floating in the bay. The waters are fantastic for swimming and snorkeling, and there is a pier from which you can jump into the beautiful water or try your hand at fishing from.

There is a dive club on the pier which does have public restrooms and a restaurant. For some unforgettable food though, you will want to try one of the restaurants in the village and sample their authentic seafood dishes!

3. Daaibooi Beach

Daaibooi Beach CuracaoDaaibooi Beach is one of the best beaches in Curacao for snorkeling and scuba diving.

As you get a little further out to sea, you will find an amazing reef filled with several types of sponges, star corals, pillar corals, brain corals, elkhorn corals, and gorgonians as well as lots of typical reef fish.

There is a rocky ledge closer to shore as well as a small fisherman’s cove that are both great for snorkeling where you can also find a wide variety of marine life.

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