21:31 PM

One day in Willemstad

by The Happy Kid

During our trip to Curacao, we mostly focused on visiting Willemstad, the capital. We have plenty of beaches in Bonaire as well, so we needed some diversity. If you are visiting Curacao on a cruise ship, spending your day in Willemstad can be a wonderful use of your time. Or, if you are on holiday here, it’s worth to allocate one day to the capital only.

Willemstad offers its visitors a refreshing European flavour. Until recently it was part of the Netherlands, so this should not come as a surprise; many actually call it “Amsterdam of the Caribbean”. But it is more than that! Willemstad has its own authenticity and charm, due to the multicultural environment present here for centuries.

Included in the UNESCO World Heritage more than 20 years ago, as Historic Area of Willemstad, Inner City and Harbour, it features 765 listed buildings. They are a great mixture between Dutch architecture and urban planning with local Caribbean influences. There are four districts included here: Punda, Pietermaai, Otrobanda, and Scharloo, with buildings like Fort Amsterdam, Governor’s residence, Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge or Penha building.


We started exploring the city near the “Plasa”, where the bus stop is. We passed through the local market, colourful, featuring a strong cinnamon fragrance. Unfortunately, the floating market was now empty. This is the place where Venezuelan traders used to come with their small boats full of fresh fruits and...click to read rest of article