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Off The Beaten Path: Things To Do In Curaçao

By: www.thelovelyescapist.com

Bon Bini (Welcome) to Curaçao!

Living in the shadow of its more famous neighbor, Aruba, Curaçao is located just 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela. Curaçao is a long, arid island that has amazing weather year round. Not only does Curaçao offer gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters, but a rich history and unusual adventures!

While Aruba hosts around 1.5 Million tourists each year, Curaçao sees only 500,000 visitors, making it more off the beaten path. You will still find beautiful resorts and beaches, but there are also tons of other activities to do while visiting this lesser-known Carribean island.

Care to find out what unusual things there are to do on the island??

Then keep on reading! Here is a list of my favorite off the beaten path things to do in Curaçao!

Cliff Jump At Playa Kenepa


Between Westpunt and Lagun, you will find one of the islands most low-key beaches – Playa Kenepa aka Klein Knip.

Not only is it perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling, BUT you will have the opportunity to cliff jump 20 feet into the bluest waters you’ll ever see. At first, I was skeptical about cliff jumping but I soon discovered that this is one of the safer spots. Even kids were taking the plunge!

TIP: There are areas in the water with large rocks so steer clear. Also, instead of climbing back up the cliffs once you’ve jumped in, I recommend swimming to shore and taking the stairs. While it didn’t seem dangerous, you never know if and when a large wave will crash against the rocks. 

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