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Let Curacao capture your attention

Ryan Wolstat Toronto Sun

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — Many islands in the Caribbean are well worth a visit, but few can match the beauty, flair, and authenticity of Curacao.

Whether it’s pristine beaches with serene blue waters you seek, diving, off-roading adventures, discovering architecture and heritage, checking out a world-class music festival, or dining on an endless variety of exquisite cuisine, Curacao has something for everyone.

Curacao often flies a bit under the radar. It doesn’t get a ton of publicity and doesn’t tend to end up on many must-visit lists. That’s a shame because so many people are missing out when they head to more popular locales.

Locals will tell you Curacao is a lot more authentic than many islands. It is different than its two Dutch ABC Island cousins Bonaire (considered one of the world’s great diving spots) and Aruba (a desired tourist destination because of its beaches and shopping). Aruba is more Americanized and tourism-focused but, having also been to Aruba, I can say it’s a solid choice as well — albeit one with a completely different vibe than Curacao.

Though it still caters to visitors with all kinds of options and has white sand beaches, Curacao is a more rustic and authentic place — one that is great for snorkeling and diving but also has a thriving arts scene.

Curacao is known for its colorful colonial European architecture, crystal blue waters, secluded beaches, and excellent weather. It is located in the southern Caribbean, close enough to Venezuela that, like with Aruba, there is a considerable Venezuelan flavor owing to past ties, primarily in the oil field.

Though English, Spanish, Portuguese, and the local Papiamento are widely spoken, the Dutch influence is everywhere, even though the weather screams...  Story continues here