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Language of Curaçao: Papiamentu for tourists

Courtesy of Lions Dive Beach Resort Curacao

What language do they speak in Curaçao? It's a question that many tourists ask. Are you planning a vacation to Curaçao? Then follow our mini-course: Papiamento for tourists!

Curaçao is a mix of cultures, and that also brings a combination of languages, the following languages are spoken on this Caribbean island:

Papiamento: a blend of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, a bit of French and English (official language).

Dutch: local people also speak Dutch official language).

English: most of the people can speak English as well.

Spanish: Because of its proximity to South America a lot of people speak Spanish as well.

The people in Curaçao think it's important to greet everyone throughout the day. So remember the following sentences if you're in Curaçao, the locals will appreciate it:

Good Morning = Bon dia

Good afternoon = Bon tardi

Good evening = Bon nochi

A word that is famous throughout the island is ‘dushi'. It has different meanings; the original meaning is sweet and tasty. People use it when their food is delicious, but ‘dushi' is also used to call people ‘honey' or ‘sweetie'.

Mi dushi = my loveDushi = Good, nice, delicious

How to start a conversation? Use the following sentences when you want to chat with the locals:

How are you? = Kon ta bai?I’m fine = Mi ta bonMy name is = Mi nòmber ta...What’s your name? = Kon ta bo nòmber?Thank you = DankiThank you very much = Masha dankiYou’re welcome = Di nada Bye Bye = Ayo

When you already speak Spanish or Portuguese, it's easier to understand this language. Nevertheless,....Click here for the rest of the article