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It’s Time to Meet The Off-The-Beaten Track Caribbean Paradise of Your Dreams

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Have you ever wondered what your other vacation destination options are? With 195 countries in the world, there are far more places to go than one can visit in a lifetime! With the holidays on the horizon and a new year filled with new possibilities, your chances to plan a getaway somewhere new are abundant!

Imagining a vacation brings to mind many of the same destinations over and over again, right? Beautiful Hawaii, California, Florida, maybe an escape to the mountains of Colorado, the ancient beauty of Europe, dreamy Tahiti, and more.

It’s Time to Meet Curacao
Located in the southern portion of the Caribbean, below the Hurricane belt, to the east of Aruba, and a mere 40 miles north of Venezuela lies Curacao. Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and is a lesser-known slice of Caribbean paradise!

Where the Turquoise Sea Meets the Desert
Just like its neighbor Aruba, Curacao does not have a tropical landscape, but rather a desert one. Curacao is comprised of eons-old volcanic rock and weather-swept terrain. The northern coast is characterized by rough limestone cliff formations. Expansive hilly landscapes grace the western end and on the east end wide-open flat plains. The highest point is Christoffel Peak, which towers at 375 meters. The total surface area of the island is 444 square kilometers, and the entire island is surrounded by sparkling turquoise water. Beautiful and unique forms of cacti make up much of the flora.

The climate is a tropical savannah climate with the dry season from January to September and the rainy season is from October to December. Keep in mind, it does not rain much on Curacao, and the temperature stays within the balmy range of 80-88 year round, with only slight increases or decreases. With dependable warm weather, Curacao is ready for visitors year-round.

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