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It's all going down in Curacao



The Caribbean islands have taken on an identity all their own. But Curaçao transcends those preconceptions – it fuses elements of its European heritage with its island roots to create something wholly unique. The result is idyllic yet cosmopolitan: the relaxed energy one might expect, but with a clear influence from any number of other cultures.

The first thing a traveler might notice is that Curaçao has a culture of language to rival any major city in the world. Most native Curaçaoans speak four languages – English, Dutch, Spanish, and the native language Papiamentu – and the island is home to over 50 different nationalities.


The more you explore, the more you see the influence of each one. Locals most commonly speak Papiamentu – a centuries-old creole language that borrows from both European and African tongues – but..(click to read more)