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In Curaçao, you’ll want a case of the Winter Blues

Mackenzie Dawson, New York Post


The siren call of the Caribbean becomes tough to ignore at this time of year, with destinations like Jamaica, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands the typical welcome respites from bitter winds and gigantic puffer coats.

While these places have much to offer, however, you might consider a picturesque island that flies a bit more under the radar: Curaçao.

The "C" in what’s referred to as the ABC islands — Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao — Curaçaoao is an exceptional diving and snorkeling haven located some 40 miles north of the Venezuelan coast.

Part of the former Netherland Antilles, its Dutch heritage has left its stamp, from the huge wheels of Old Amsterdam gouda cheese and Delft tchotchkes you can buy at its Hato International Airport, to the candy-colored colonial-style architecture of its capital, Willemstad, and large number of Dutch tourists.

Curaçao is larger (171 square miles) and more densely populated than Aruba or Bonaire, and veers from the typical crystal-clear turquoise waters, rocky coves and green hills of the Caribbean to a dramatic landscape of volcanic rock, weather-beaten terrain and limestone cliffs. There’s plenty to do, lots to see, and a plethora of small hotels and larger resorts from which to choose.

We stayed at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, which is set on a 2,000-acre former sugarcane plantation on the island’s southwest side. The property, which feels like a world unto itself, is so beautiful you might be tempted to stay put.

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