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@HOME IN CURAÇAO, convenient working & living program


Curaçao has proven that it has been able to effectively keep the COVID-19 infections under control. Clearly, life on the island has some very attractive features, especially now that people all over the world are limited in their freedom to move around,” says Minister of Economic Development of Curaçao, Dr. I. S. (Steve) Martina. “Aside from the obvious: year-round sunshine, great climate, beautiful beaches and nature, Curaçao offers a vibrant international vibe, versatile culture and the intangible ‘dushi’ Curaçao feeling, that everyone who has been to the island will recognize. Curaçao is extremely well equipped to offer a safe and comfortable option for travelers looking for a place to stay and work.”

Willemstad, 9 February 2021 - The government of Curaçao is introducing ‘@HOME in Curaçao’, welcoming travelers that are looking for a temporary home away from home. The program accommodates remote workers, extended-stay visitors, and investors allowing them easier access to Curaçao.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, destinations are looking for opportunities to welcome visitors under these special circumstances. Curaçao is committed to providing a safe, comfortable haven for these groups.

Remote working has become the new normal

More than half of the global workforce is currently working remotely, and companies have already announced that they would let employees work remotely in the foreseeable future. Working from home has some major benefits, like a better work-life balance, better productivity, and no time wasted on commuting. Just imagine the benefits of working and living in Curaçao.

Unique work-life balanceCuraçao has its own pace and work/life balance, its own unique rhythm. Curaçao offers the possibility of being part of the local and international community. Enjoying the things people like to do at home with much better weather conditions or invest in several feasible, charitable, and non-profit initiatives and projects on a tropical island, which speaks to many dreams.

A moment of relaxation and peace of mind is just a breath away. All you have to do is look up from your laptop. A feeling that is recognized by the many visitors that have been to Curaçao and have come back for more.” concludes Martina.

Investment opportunities

Curaçao has an open and market-driven economy where foreign investors can own property where there are no restrictions with regards to repatriation of profits or invested capital. The island is strategically situated outside the hurricane belt and has several large natural harbors. Tourism is one of the economic drivers. It has an international airport with excellent air connections to the Caribbean region as well as to South, Central, North America, and Europe. Other sectors in addition to Tourism with potential for investment are Port & Maritime Services, Creative Industries, Transnational Education, Financial sector as well the ICT sector.

Investing in a second home is very popular. An apartment or house will give investors a decent return on investment when rented out to tourists. It also makes for a good excuse to regularly visit the island.


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Details of the @HOME in Curaçao program

In order to qualify for the program, applicants have to:

Complete digital application form on www.athomeincuracao.com including:

  1. Proof of payment for fees and costs ($294)
  2. Clear copy of the photo page of the applicant’s passport
  3. Proof of solvency:
    • Recent declaration of assignment, if own company in country of origin, or
    • Recent employer declaration from the employer in the country of origin or a recently certified copy of an employment contract
  4. Completed Appendix D (proof of payment)
  5. An international insurance is required (including COVID-19 coverage if possible). In case international insurance cannot be presented, a local insurance can be acquired.

All applicants need to comply with COVID-19 requirements stipulated by the Government of Curaçao – for more information please visit curacao.com. Ready to travel? Follow the steps on dicardcuracao.com.

Aside from the year-round great weather, a location outside of the hurricane belt, and the unique Curaçao vibe, benefits of the @HOME in Curaçao program include:

  • Ease of application in English, Spanish and Dutch
  • Low application fee
  • Secure, safe, and friendly island environment
  • Internet peace of mind with excellent connections and full-fledged datacenter
  • Stable banking and judicial system
  • Moderate accommodations costs
  • Excellent healthcare including a state-of-the-art hospital
  • No taxation for remote workers

The @HOME in Curacao program allows a maximum stay period of 6 months with the possibility of an extension for another 6 months.

Please visit www.athomeincuracao.com for more information and start your application for working and living conveniently in Curaçao.

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About Curaçao

When choosing a Caribbean destination, it’s easy to think that one island is just like any other. But with more than 35 captivating cove beaches, a diverse heritage spanning 55 different cultures, a “live and let live” attitude, and unrivaled traditional European architecture, Curaçao sets itself apart from the rest as an island to be explored.

The island is known for its relaxed conditions and atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind. A destination where individuals can truly recharge and catch their breath from these hectic times. Ideal for insatiable curiosities, this Southern Caribbean island destination offers a rugged terrain as the perfect backdrop for all types of travelers: adventure seekers, beach bums, divers, history buffs, epicureans, and modern city explorers.

A UNESCO World Heritage City is a rare gem in the Caribbean – but with the history and culture you’d expect from a European capital, Willemstad has more than earned the title. Of all the exciting things to do in Curaçao, Willemstad itself may offer the most unique experience in all of the Caribbean. The capital’s Dutch colonial ancestry is evident at every turn, most notably in Punda’s kaleidoscopic, sherbet-colored architecture, which you won’t find anywhere else outside of the Netherlands.

Outside of Willemstad, visitors can continue to broaden their horizons by diving and snorkeling at more than 80 dive sites around the island or by satisfying their taste buds at a wide variety of sidewalk cafés, gourmet restaurants, local eateries and markets.

Wherever your journey takes you, you’ll know you’re seeing the Caribbean the way it was meant to be seen. Perfect for those seeking the warmth of a tropical vacation with added European flair, culture, delicious cuisine, and history, Curaçao is a Caribbean island where you can truly feel free, with all the space you need right now.

It’s time to Feel It for Yourself!

How can I keep up to date with the latest travel options?

We regularly update the travel information on curacao.com. Locally we have developed the “Dushi Stay App” that allows visitors to stay up to date with the latest developments when they are in Curaçao. It also contains all kinds of information about the measures that have been taken and the protocols that companies adhere to locally. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. This is part of “A Dushi Stay, the Healthy Way” program, in which the government and entrepreneurs work together to keep trips to Curaçao safe.

To learn more about Curaçao please visit www.curacao.com, we can also be found on social media on the following channels: Facebook: curacaotb, Twitter: @curacaotravel, Instagram: @curacaotb, TikTok: @curacaotb or download our informational brochure.