18:45 PM

Four Curaçao Chefs Reveal Secrets to Eating Well on the Island

Jenny Block


The Daily Meal's Jenny Block chatted with some of the island’s fine dining chefs to learn what makes Curaçao cuisine unique.

When we took off for Curaçao, we expected beautiful beaches and friendly people and great snorkeling and diving. We had high hopes that we might find a couple of good spots to eat, some fresh seafood, maybe some local produce. What we didn’t expect to find on this beautiful Caribbean island alive in the blue, blue sea was truly exceptional food and even more exceptional chefs, who were a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things culinary and Curaçao.

We thought it would be fun to ask four chefs the five same questions and see what secrets of the islands they might be able to reveal. So here are Executive Chef Sjoerd Wassenaar, Executive Chef, Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino; Chef Stephen Nicolas, Floris Suite Hotel and Spa; Chef Heinrich Hortencia, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort; and Executive Chef Rene Klop, Baoase Luxury Resort.

Read the interviews, originally published on September 30, 2016, on The Daily Meal.