16:19 PM

Escape to Dushi "Sweet" Curacao

I discovered several people from the Tampa Bay area that grew up on the island, located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea and 35 miles from Venezuela; and spent an evening out on the town in Curacao with a friend who was born there and lived 14 years in the U.S., but recently returned to her homeland. Traveling certainly brings friends and family together and the opportunity to realize that, as humans, we aren’t really all that different.

In the local language of Papiamentu, “dushi” means sweet and if referring to a person, “sweetheart.” After my short stay, I’d say the island is “dushi” and I certainly want to return. Curacao is welcoming to tourists and offers many different type of experiences. The locals speak multiple languages, usually Papiamentu, English, Dutch and Spanish, so conversing is easy. American Airlines via Miami, makes access to the island an easy three hour flight.

As part of the ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, these islands offer plenty of water activities and exquisite diving experiences. The crystal clear blue waters, variety of sea life and sunken shipwrecks are ideal for novice divers. Numerous beaches each have their own feel and flavor from family friendly sugar-white sands, to the more remote and rocky romantic. Be sure to visit the Shete Boka National Park on the western shore of Curacao, where the white caps crash into the “bokas” or coves and the views are spectacular. A fun activity that requires no diving experience is the new Aquafari Excursion. After a quick lesson on how to operate the underwater scooter, guests are gliding under the water to see all the exciting marine life.

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