21:44 PM

Dispatch, Curacao: An island worth a thousand words

I'd forgotten how much I liked this island. I was last here about four years ago, but the sight of the sherbet-colored colonial merchant houses lining the waterfront in the capital of Willemstad brought it all back. Before the CTO conference held me captive in the World Trade Center meeting rooms, I got out and about.

Here's the thing about Willemstad: It's a very walkable capital city, with the Punda neighborhood on one side of the canal and Otrobanda on the other. A tour guide told me to picture the shape of Curacao as a bikini top with Willemstad in the middle, the left side as the more rural countryside part of Curacao and the right as the residential and commercial section.

I heard "bon bini" (the Papiamento word for "welcome") uttered more often than I heard "good morning" as I strolled the Floating Market along the waterfront, snapping photos of freshly caught grouper and snapper still flapping in the fishing boats.

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