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Cycling and Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an invigorating way to explore our Curaçao. However, the best spots are hard to find. But with the help of a guided mountain bike tour you can find all those natural treasures and travel back through the stirring history of our island.

There are trails to suit everyone. Whether you only bike during your holiday, or you are an experienced biker, Curaçao guarantees you a spectacular mountain biking experience.

Jan Thiel Trail
The Jan Thiel lagoon, located on the southeastern side of our island, is one of the most unique nature reserves in Curaçao. The area is characterized by its rare vegetation and exceptional bird life. You'll find the largest flamingo colony here, as well as parakeets, pelicans and many other birds. The salt flats here are still intact and the Jan Thiel country house has been completely restored. Please be sure to follow the posted routes to avoid disturbing any fragile breeding grounds. Always keep in mind that during the rainy season this area is not always accessible. From the Lion's Dive & Beach Resort and Chogogo Resort you can explore the biking trail that's been developed for the World Cup Mountain Biking Race in 2006.

Christoffel Park Trail
Christoffel Park is comprised of three former plantations: Savonet, Zorgvliet and Zevenbergen. Since 1978 the public is welcome to visit the park. Due to conservation efforts, we can still find a lot of indigenous flora and fauna here, including: indigenous tree species, orchids, bromeliads, and the rare white-tailed deer. Also worthwhile visiting in the park are the (ancient) caves with Indian paintings, an old copper mine, Piedra di Monton, and the Savonet Country House. The park also boasts quite a few very steep slopes and is therefore particularly suitable for more experienced mountain bikers.

Boca St. Michiel / Malpais
This area is characterized by the varying personality of the landscape. Behind Wederfoort dive center you drop directly into the "salinja" (salt pans). The first stretch of the salt flats is a worthwhile location to practice your technical biking skills. The route continues on into beautiful Malpais green natural reserve with the "Lago Disparse" (missing lake). With a little luck you can find the white-tailed deer here. Via the traffic circle at Bullenbaai you bike on the paved road and head back again through the salinja. This same course is used every year for the "Boca Sami Off the Road Triathlon".

St. Joris Baai / Koraal Tabak
This route takes you from the thick green mangroves along the shore of St. Joris Bay towards Koraal Tabak. Kueba Koraal Tabak (the cave) is well worth visiting. A refreshing wind blasts through here, and you can sit back and enjoy the fantastic view. Once you reach the rugged north coast, you are again confronted with a greatly varied landscape. The waves crash against the cliffs with momentous force and you'll be biking over coral rock here. You can choose between riding a short circle with some challenging hills at the end, or bike further along the windmills in the direction of Ronde Klip.