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Curaçao, Your Next Caribbean Wellness Destination

By: Melanie Muskus

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Nestled in the Caribbean waters lies the multi-cultural island Curacao. It’s also the largest of the six islands that are part of the Dutch Kingdom. When you think about a wellness destination, popular locations such as Mexico (Tulum), Bali, California, and Costa Rica come to mind. While they are very beautiful indeed I can honestly say that when it comes to wellness and its deep healing herbal background, Curacao is the one to put on the map.

In the past nineteen years since I moved here, I’ve seen things grow and develop. While I haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to tapping into the knowledge of the island’s native healers - who not only aid in restoring the island to how it was but can also assist in helping whoever is willing to get in better alignment with their soul’s purpose - nor all of the other yet unknown to me wellness-focused initiatives and spiritual guides, I can tell you this, the island is evolving. Ever since our family’s lifestyle change almost eight years ago I’ve been very passionate about highlighting all of our island’s wonderful health and wellness-focused businesses and initiatives. Fast forward to what occurred in the past two years since our global health situation, things have sped up even more.

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The people on our island are gradually shifting, awakening and becoming more conscious and educated when it comes to how much control one can have over their own wellbeing. We all know that the consumers are who keep businesses going and growing. They know what’s out there and wish for what they’ve experienced abroad on the island as well. Our local businesses and entrepreneurs have noticed and responded. Wellness centers are offering treatments, cleanse programs, therapies and classes. You see it in the supermarkets, health food stores and even the drug stores that offer a growing selection of health products. Let’s not forget about the healthy foodie spots that have popped up in the last four years, and even more so the last two years. Whatever you are looking for, our island can oblige.

Below I will highlight all of my favorites that are available on the island, including information about where to find them.

Body, Mind & Soul
If you are in need of some soul level TLC for clarity, relaxation, healing, and alignment on a holistic and spiritual level then I can highly recommend the following wellness-focused centers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, coaches, and healers.

The Space Curacao - Treatments, Therapies, Coaching and Classes:

 At the Space Curacao it’s all about slowing down, centering yourself and working with your body’s energies to help with further alignment. They are “Your Health Coach, Bodywork Therapist, And Yoga Teacher, All Under One Roof.” The Space Curacao is located in the peach colored building in Otrobanda. They recently opened their second location, Embody by Space, in Mahaai upstairs at Nut House Curacao. (+5999) 510-1675.
Check www.thespacecuracao.com for more information. Instagram thespace_curacao Facebook thespacecuracao 

Wellness4U - Energy Healing, Holistic Massage + Skin Therapy

Yiri Bakhuis, Caracasbaaiweg 164, (blue colored) Esther Building
Ph: (+5999) 525-1149 Facebook Natural Wellness4U

Herbology Lifestyle by Shalini Iyengar - Ayurveda, TCM, Acupuncture, Psychosomatic Therapy

In-house practice at www.thespacecuracao.com and Instagram nuthousecuracao
Ph: (+5999) 521-4008. Instagram herbologylifestyle Facebook herbologynativehealing


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Karin Evertsen - In-house Holistic Health

Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist + Detoxification Specialist
Book your consult via: The Space Curacao or Nut House Curacao at (+5999) 521-4008.

The Green Clinic - Bioresonance, Ozone, PEMF + IV Therapy

Dr. Maarten van Zadelhoff at The Space Curacao.
Book your appointment via (+5999) 679-7244,
info@thespacecuracao.com or Instagram: thespace_curacao Facebook thespacecuracao

Re-Lief Clinic - Blood Analysis, Body Scans, Frequency Therapy and Thermography.

Dr. Leonard de Windt Practices natural medicine, massage and energy therapies. Ph: (+5999) 788-0000.
Ilandweg 19A (of off the Gosieweg). Facebook reliefclinic

Splendid Coaching by Kamla de Haas - Holistic Systemic Life & Awareness Coach

Uses the Functional Fluency framework and TIFF© tool. Ph: (+5999) 511-7871 or book
your appointment at https://splendidcoaching.youcanbook.me
Instagram: splendid_coaching Facebook splendidcoaching

Ocean River Midwifery by Marjolein

Midwife, soulful doula for both life and death (breaking the taboo about dying with death (dinners + death cafes), postpartum care specialist, Arvigo practitioner, human rights in childbirth activist, mentor, teacher and writer. Contact her on Instagram at oceanrivermidwifery

Haptonomie Sinti Bon by Claudia Fontilus - Erkelens

Stress and Burn-Out Coaching, Pregnancy Coaching, Massages, Therapy
Ph: (+5999) 523-5140. Trompetbloemweg 7, Mahaai www.haptonomieonline.com
Instagram sintibon_haptonomieonline

Wataflow Therapy by Merel Schuringa

Wataflow is meditative water therapy. Deep relaxation is created through dance, massage, meditation and stretches all in one movement flowing through the power of water to release emotional blockages and body tensions. Book your session at www.wataflowtherapy.com or (+5999) 660-8004. Instagram: wataflowtherapy
Facebook: wataflowtherapy

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Universal Alchemist - Elly Sambo, Microbiologist,
Spiritual Herbalist + Intuitive Integrative Health Artist & Consultant.

Consult or products (cash only) at the Wellness Room, by appointment only. (+5999) 515-2452.
Instagram: uni.alchemist Facebook: uni.alchemist

Cacao Curacao by Jekaterina

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Curacao
Instagram cacao_curacao

Diantha Rodrigues Pereira - Ordained Oracle

Offering mystical experiences infused with the
island’s spiritual legend. (+5999) 692-6332.
Instagram yamamidiantha

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Shambhala - Esoteric + Mystic Gift Store

SBN Doormanweg 22b (entrance via SBN van Staverenweg). (+5999) 738-7722
To stay up to date about local events subscribe to their newsletter at shambhalagifts@gmail.com
Instagram shambhalagifts Facebook ShambhalaEsoterie

Rock And Roll - Fossils, Crystals and Jewelry

They can be found at pop-up events, but you can check out their Instagram page and send them a DM at Instagram rockandrollcw or call (+5999) 661-7999 / (+5999) 516-2920.

Ashram Curacao - Evolving Spiritually

Retreat in Fuik focused on self inquiry and inner silence.
Ph: (+5999) 513-3428 or www.ashramcuracao.com
Instagram: ashramcuracao Facebook ashramcuracao

Chivasuka Restreat - Custom Nutritional and Spiritual Programs

Tel: (5999) 520-7248 or www.chivasuka.com Instagram chivasuka
Facebook: Chivasuka.Retreat 

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Pilates by Helen Griffith - For All Levels

Helen offers group mat classes on Monday’s
at Hofi Cas Cora, Reigerweg Z/N. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s at Avila Beach Hotel at the Penstraat 130.
She also offers Private Pilates classes (by appointment). For more info and sign up call (+5999) 515-0555.
Instagram: helen.griffith.pilates
Facebook: Pilatesbyhelengriffith

Astar Yoga by Angela - For All Levels

Monday at the Santa Barbara Plantation in
Nieuwpoort in front of the golf shop (hole 1).
Info and sign up with full name at (+5999) 526-3300
or Instagram: astarbyangela_curacao Need a mat?
Let her know.

Move, Breathe + Meditate With Shalini
Iyengar at Hofi Cas Cora - For All Levels

Open air Yoga class on Wednesday at Landhuis Cas Cora, Reigerweg Z/N. Sign up via Instagram yoginiuncovered

Not Just Any Beauty Spa

Curacao has more than one beauty spa, but these are the ones that are really special in
what they do. From an Aveda spa and hair salon on the other side of the island to
smaller and intimate beauty spas that offer Beverly Hills facials and specialize in skin
enhancements. Whichever one you’ll pick, you will leave totally relaxed and

(Bed spa image by Sheena)

8 The Experience - Aveda Spa and Hair Salon

8 The Experience oozes luxury and wellness. Their salon and treatment rooms offer
killer views on the Caribbean waters. Whatever you book, you’ll be well taken care off.
They are located at Coral Estate Luxury Resort, Rif St Marie in Sint Willibrordus.
Book your appointment via (+5999) 735-2388 or (+5999) 735-3024.
8curacao.com  Instagram 8_the_experience Facebook 8curacao

Beauty by Shee - Customized Beauty Treatments - Female Only Salon

At Beauty by Shee you’ll leave feeling like a glowing goddess. Sheena treats you like a
VIP and all her treatments are tailored to your skin and needs. Sheena’s beauty menu
can be found on her social media accounts. Contact her (+5999) 691-7253 to schedule
your appointment. Santa Rosaweg 120, Unit B, behind the Ackerman building.
Instagram beautybyshee_cw Facebook beautybyshee_cw

Body Care Caribbean - Wellness Institute Specializing In Skin Enhancement.

The centrally located Body Care Caribbean additionally offers massages, facials, hair removals, manicures and pedicures. Located at the Mahaaiweg 30. (+5999) 736-7272 www.bodycare-caribbean.com/en/ Instagram bodycarecaribbean Facebook bodycarecaribbean

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Gathering information about all of the to do’s and sees when planning your trip takes a lot of time. That’s why I - as a local and with inside information - have gathered the true gems. May this wellness post inspire you to visit our Dushi Korsou and may my non-mainstream recommendations add that extra something to your stay. Find out in part two which are my fave wellness-oriented foodie spots, supermarkets, health stores, entrepreneurs offering wholesome self care products, and community events on Curacao. For more inside information, as things keep on growing and developing, you can follow me on Instagram melsblisscuracao

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xoxo Melanie Muskus