21:40 PM

Curacao, the Caribbean's Best Kept Secret


Winter can be tough. Ward off seasonal depression with a well-deserved beach getaway. Curacao is the perfect travel destination to fight off those winter blues.

New York is an awesome place to live. But sometimes, us New Yorkers can get a little bit weary and tired from the daily grind. The unfriendly winter weather doesn’t help that situation one bit, which is why it is a godsend that JetBlue flies direct from JFK to Curacao.

In the midst of winter, I find myself always longing for some vitamin sea. Sun, sand, and saltwater are the three things that are guaranteed to refresh you and lift you out of your seasonal winter depression. I know that I’m not alone in my desire to escape to a pristine beach paradise just like Curacao, and I just love how JetBlue makes it so convenient to fly to Curacao straight from New York. Goodbye winter, hello eternal summer.

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