19:25 PM

Curaçao Promoted as "Riachuelo Destination" in Over 300 Brazilian Stores

Premier Brazilian department-store chain Riachuelo recently launched its summer 2019 campaign. The photo shoot—a team effort of 12 models and 28 professional Brazilian cameramen, photographers, production directors and more—took place here in Curaçao in September of this year. Riachuelo’s 2019 summer collection has been named the Resort Collection, and is aimed at the young woman.

The Curaçao shoot, which yielded photos and videos showcasing Curaçao’s diversity, comes from a collaboration between Riachuelo (RCHLO) and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB). Being the largest Brazilian department store chain, Riachuelo has enormous impact and reach in the Brazilian community and is therefore ideal for promoting Curaçao as a tourist destination.

Riachuelo currently has 300 stores spread out over the 27 Brazilian states, with over 25 million visitors each month. Riachuelo’s promotional impact for Curaçao will be huge—through their newsletter, which is distributed to 22 million subscribers each month, their website with around 8 million visitors monthly, and their blog, with a reach of 160 thousand page views per month. On social media, Riachuelo has 6.100.000 followers on Facebook, 3.700.000 on Instagram, 144.000 on Twitter and 290.000 on YouTube.

During their one-week stay at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, the production team followed a rigorous daily production schedule, with production sessions at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, the Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort, Kura Hulanda Village and Spa, Mundo Bizarro, in the streets of Willemstad, and concluding with a visit to Klein Curaçao.

Furthermore, the CTB/Riachuelo collaboration will have a significant impact, for instance through the 40.000 folders to be distributed in Riachuelo stores in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Brasilia and Manaus. Additionally, a trip to Curaçao will be raffled among the department store’s 50.000 employees, and a special page providing information on Curaçao will be added on Riachuelo’s website, www.riachuelo.com.br. Furthermore, promotional spots for Curaçao will air on Riachuelo Radio, and promotional videos for the island and the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort will be broadcast on Riachuelo TV in the more than 300 Riachuelo stores in Brazil.