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Curacao is a foodie's paradise



Owing to its Dutch colonial history, the island of Curaçao has always stood out for its multicultural, unusually cosmopolitan atmosphere. At any time, you’re likely to hear English, Dutch, Spanish, and the local Papiamentu, with over 50 nationalities represented on an island of just 160,000.

There is any number of ways to explore those cultural influences. But one is always the most fun: the food.

For the adventurous palate, travelling to Curaçao is like touring a dozen nations at once. Unlike more densely populated tourist destinations, Curaçao’s food culture comes straight from its history. The liqueur known as Blue Curaçao is derived from a bitter, nearly inedible orange native to the island – but the orange itself was introduced to the island by Spanish explorers centuries before. Similar stories abound, and it’s nearly impossible to find a food menu in Willemstad that hasn’t...(click to read more)