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Curaçao in Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations on Earth

Danielle Walsh, AFAR


Much like beauty, romance is in the eyes of the beholder. Whether it’s a chilly winter evening spent snuggling under blankets or dipping into an infinity pool in a sultry tropical paradise, there are myriad honeymoon experiences that can quicken a couple’s pulses. But when it comes to finding these spots, the expert is Abbie Kozolchyk, who literally wrote the book on the most romantic places in the world.

Abbie writes: "Curacao is an interesting blend of incredible straight-up Caribbean gorgeousness and history. You could spend your entire time on the beach or diving, sure. It has beautiful water and incredible undersea life. At the same time, it has this wonderful historic Dutch town center.

There are all these interesting parts of the downtown. There’s a Venezuelan cultural influence because of its proximity to Venezuelan coast. There’s a subculture of fisherman and mercantile people who sail between Curacao and Venezuela on a pretty regular basis. You can go to their water markets. The island just has a little more cultural and historical heft than your typical Caribbean destination."

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