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Curaçao in Hurricane Season

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Fall is hurricane season in the Caribbean. It seems that one just passes through before the next one is in the news. We often just don’t think about heading south during the fall. One year we settled on Curacao in hurricane season for a scuba diving escape...

Curacao is part of what we think of as the “ABC” islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Located just above Venezuela, they are in a spot before the winds really pick up moisture. They have not seen a hurricane in over 20 years. We were hoping luck was with us on this visit!

We ended up with great weather on Curacao once we finally made it there. Our fall air travel adventures proved less satisfactory. We were delayed for a long time getting out of Toronto due to a mix of weather and bad pilot decisions. This meant we missed our connection in Miami and got dumped in an airport hotel that was under construction. The airline didn’t even cover that cost since they believed the delay was not their fault. And we lost a night at our diving resort. A lesson learned about booking connecting flights through Miami. Especially if heading to Curacao in hurricane season.

Choosing a dive resort
Curacao is renowned for almost unlimited shore diving. This would untether us from dive boats and dive charter schedules. Most of the time when we head south, we are in resorts that offer resort scuba diving as part of the included water sports. Sometimes we get really surprise, like the awesome scuba diving in St Lucia. But often, resort diving is not your best scuba diving vacation. On this trip we decided to book at a dedicated dive resort.

Our dive resort provided us with unlimited shore diving. We added on a boat tour package for 4 days of 2 tank dives. We figured this would give us a good variety of scuba diving in Curacao in hurricane season.

Even though we missed a day due to our delayed arrival, we managed to book diving for the days and locations we wanted. The facilities were good. There were unlimited tanks on the dock and tanks available if you wanted to head off-site to shore dive somewhere else. The dive lockers on the dock meant we didn’t have to haul gear back and forth from our room. The dive boat could pull right up to the dock so we didn’t even have to leave the resort for boat dives. It may not have been “concierge diving”, but it was pretty good. Had it been concierge diving, I would have never had to lift gear. But then, this was not a live aboard experience.

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