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Curaçao Cuisine Defined by These Local Tastemakers

By: Alyssa Holder Honestcooking.com


Is it Caribbean, Dutch, or both? What does Curaçao cuisine consist of and what makes it unique? We talked to some local tastemakers to get some unique insight into this vibrant food culture.


Lisette Keus
Owner of Lionfish and Mangoes.

How would you describe Curaçao cuisine?

The Curaçao cuisine has its roots in the times of slavery and Dutch colonial history. Asian and South American immigrants later influenced the cuisine. To fully understand and appreciate the cuisine, you need to learn about the island’s history and geography. In general, you need to “feel it for yourself” alongside locals!

Lionfish, of course. While it’s not a traditional ingredient, as it was introduced to the island in 2009, it’s a must in every Caribbean meal. It’s a locally caught, fresh, and healthy-to-eat fish which you can enjoy with a clean conscience. What’s even better? By eating…..Click here for the original article