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Curaçao Comfort Food

Look for these local dishes being served at restaurants throughout the island.

Erwten Soep - Thick pea soup with pork, ham, and sausage.
Nasigoreng - Bean sprouts sautéed with chunks of meat and chicken.
Bami - Long noodles with vegetables and meat.
Rijsttafel - Table serving rice with up to 20 accompanying dishes.
Yuana - Stewed iguana, which tastes remarkably like chicken; also iguana soup (Sopi Yuana).
Kabritu Stoba - Stewed goat. See our recipe page.
Kònkòmber - Cucumbers, often combined with green papaya or cabbage, stewed with corned beef. See our recipe page.
Fried Plantains - Try tasty fried plantains, or a sweet soup made from plantains and vegetables, seasoned with peppers and cinnamon. See our recipe page.