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Curaçao - culinary experience


Anytime I go to a place, I’m really excited about the dishes I will try and do my best to taste as many local flavors as possible… forgetting that I have to take care of my weight

For sure, Caribbean islands are not necessary a foodie’s paradise but with thorough research, one can find amazing places and enjoy colorful tastes. This was my experience when in Curaçao…

What started as a disaster it turned to be an excellent foodie experience. Literally, I felt sorry about leaving the island just thinking of the places I did not manage to eat and of the amazing restaurant I discovered there – Kome.

I cannot say that there is something particular about Curaçao cuisine or that they even have one (clearly, it is not Italy or France). For that, what you find is a mix of big fast food chains, fancy restaurants that combine various tastes almost to perfection and the simplest dinning places, such as the Old Market.

If you are up to a culinary experience, stay in old Willemstad and not at the grand resorts. There, on the colorful streets, you can find the most amazing places. I will not talk about fast-food, because this is never what I’m looking for but there are plenty options.

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