21:26 PM

Curaçao - a colorful island


Some would say that this is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets. I may not confirm such statement, but I can say it is a colourful, modern one where you feel safe at any time and that offers plenty to do for all kinds of travelers.

I was lured by this island by simply seeing some photos of its UNESCO-recognized old Willemstad some years ago. But the island has much more to offer than some nice colonial Dutch houses.

To get there try KLM if you are coming from Europe or Delta from US. For flights between islands, if you want to experience more (as I did J) – InselAir is the airline to use.

When I say Curaçao some words pop out: peace, paradise, divine food, nightlife, vibrant, cocktails (of course, the famous blue curacao), children friendly, diving.

Main reasons for going there still remain the sun and beaches. The island is outside the hurricane belt so sunny weather all year long with averages of 25-30 degrees. And what beaches you can find – the island has approx. 30 white sand beaches, without considering the private ones of the grand resorts.

Really, I cannot put in words how wonderful I felt when I had my first sunrise there… the tranquility… the freedom of mind. Imagine just agitated waves, gentle wind and birds trill (no traffic, no people talking, no deadlines) – what could you wish more? and clearly I have no words for the sunset.

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