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Colorful Curaçao - Pride in the Caribbean

Ross Forman, Chicago Pride


Crystal blue water and multi-colored buildings show the shine of Curaçao

One of the first things that catches your eye on the beautiful, colorful Caribbean island of Curacao is, the colors. Specifically, the colorfully-painted homes and businesses.But there was a time when almost every building in Curacao was white, nothing else.Then, legend has it, a former governor of the island suffered from severe headaches – and he believed the sun's reflection off the white buildings made his headaches worse. So he mandated that building exteriors be painted any color but white.

That array of colors is one of the calling-cards of Curacao, a Dutch island that is about 40 miles from Venezuela, encompassing about 171 square-miles with a population of about 160,000.Later it was learned, according to lore, that the governor was a shareholder in the island's only paint store.

Nonetheless, Curacao is one eye-appealing island. It's like the pride flag came to life on homes and businesses.

Prepping For Pride
The 5th Curacao Pride is a 4-day, multi-event extravaganza that continues to grow and expand, anchored by the second-ever Pride Walk over the famous, popular bridge (from Punda to Otrobanda), starting at 6 p.m, on Sept. 28. Last year's first-ever Pride Walk went the opposite direction over the bridge that is draped with countless pride flags.

"Pride is very special in Curacao," said Jurandy Regina, who was born and raised in Curacao, and now is a director at the Floris Suite Hotel & Spa, which is the Official Host Hotel for Curacao Pride. "(The event) started very small, but has really expanded over the years, so (Curacao Pride) now includes workshops, seminars, presentations and more, not just a bunch of parties."

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