07:15 AM

Bird Watching

Think bird watching can’t be adventurous? Then you’ve never been bird watching on Curaçao.

Whether you are comfortably settled on a beach chair, strolling along the picturesque waterfront, or trekking intrepidly through the underbrush, you're certain to come into contact with beautiful Curaçao birds. More than 168 bird species have been registered on Curaçao. At least 51 of these species are breeding birds, 71 are migrants from North America, 19 are visitors from South America, and 19 are seabirds. The most common of the native birds include the Trupial, a black bird with a bright orange underbelly and white swatches on its wings, and the Chuchubi, the Caribbean mocking bird.

For more information about Curaçao's birds, visit www.carmabi.org.