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Arepa di Pampuna

Pumpkin Pancakes from Curacao by: Kiki Wong NomList.com


I find cooking to be meditative! I traveled to Curacao in 2019 and cooking this dish from scratch really reminded me of the flavors of the island. I missed my last trip there so much! Since it’s pumpkin season here, I wanted to feature this Arepa di Pampuna recipe! It’s so delicious with tons of sweet butter and maple syrup. 

You can also cook this recipe with canned pumpkin but the best way to do make it is to cook it from scratch.
So grab yourself a medium-sized pumpkin. Slice it in half, take out the seeds and then pare the skin off of the pumpkin.

Then you’re going to cut the pumpkin into chunks so you can cook them down in a pot until they are fork tender. Grab a medium-large sized pot, place the pumpkin chunks inside and fill the water to cover the pumpkin pieces. Cook for about 20 minutes and check if they are done with your fork!

Add the cooked pumpkin to a food processor and blend until smooth

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