16:44 PM

A long weekend in Curaçao

It might be hard to believe, but this island in the Dutch Antilles is even more beautiful in person.

Because in person, you can dig your toes into the soft sand and swim in water that is crystal clear and hear the little black and yellow birds singing. You can watch the iguanas scamper and the sea lions swim, and watch as the brilliant turquoise of the water changes to a deep, dark blue as the sun starts to set. You can walk through the colorful streets of Willemstad, Otrabanda and Pietermaai and be surprised by yet another picturesque and vibrant alleyway of restored buildings.

And all of this is just a five-hour direct flight on JetBlue from JFK! Honestly, I’ll be singing the praises of Curaçao for a very long time–but until then, a few photos from a long (birthday) weekend for your eyes to enjoy. And if you’re so inclined: a video!

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