15:44 PM

A Guide to the Storybook Island of Curaçao

Monica Mendal, L'Officiel


Where to stay, eat, drink and shop in Curaçao.

Without being pretentious, Curaçao, the third and largest of the Caribbean's ABC islands, has it all and has somehow gone this long without everyone knowing it. Well, that's about to change.

Just east of the crowded beaches of Aruba, Curaçao’s draw is not only its warm, year-round sunny climate and breathtaking Caribbean beaches, but its diverse culture (home to 150,000 residents from more than 55 cultures), multitude of European-inspired beach clubs, colorful and historic architecture and worldly cuisine with new restaurants opening by the minute.

With all of this, still, the beauty of Curaçao emanates from the people who live there. From the minute you step off the plane, you’re welcomed in the four different languages spoken on the island. Those welcoming you exude pride and carefree warmth. This slice of Caribbean heaven, their Shangri-La, harmoniously blends a fusion of cultures and preserves its history with such pride. It would be a disservice to visitors and inhabitants alike for Curaçao to remain a secret any longer. Ready to plan your trip?

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