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8 reasons to visit Curaçao

CoastalLiving.com listed 8 reasons to visit Curaçao. Of course we couldn't agree more, these 8 reasons are absolutely a few of the islands' unique aspects.

  1. Lots of beaches

    More than 30 ring the island. Relax at one of the pristine pockets of sand, some surrounded by cliffs.

  2. Unexpected International Vibe


    Strolling down cobblestone streets, catching fragments of conversations in Dutch, it would be easy to imagine you’re in Holland, not on a Caribbean island 40 miles from South America. Part Old Country, part New World, Curaçao offers an atypical island experience.

  3. Amazing Surroundings


    The island’s surprising landscape more resembles Arizona than Florida, with as many cacti as palm trees. For a treat, climb the peak in Christoffel Park

  4. Worldly restaurants


    Curaçao offers the flavors of the globe. At Bistro le Clochard, a formal French-and-Swiss restaurant, crpes stuffed with seafood ragot should be savored on its waterfront balcony. Or visit the open-air Old Market, where vendors grill chicken, fish, or even goat for lunch. Seating is communal, for a very unexpected table experience.

  5. Impressive Historical Sights


    The island is home to Mikve Israel-Emanuel, the oldest functioning synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.

  6. Unique Caribbean Hotel

    Believe it or not, the luxurious Hotel Kura Hulanda Spa & Casino was once a slum. A decade ago, Dutch billionaire Jacob Gelt Dekker saw potential in the rundown buildings. He purchased several blocks and created a hotel that resembles a mini town suspended in time.

  7. Blue Cocktails

    Yep, Curaçao liqueur is made in Curaçao. Tour the distillery, which processes the dried peel of a small, fragrant orange.

  8. Downtown Shopping

    Boutiques line the streets downtown, selling duty-free diamonds, designer clothes, and Dutch goods―from wheels of Edam cheese to Delft pottery.

Island Itinerary

We've created an island itinerary to inspire you for your Curaçao vacation.


Avila Hotel, where Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands prefers to stay; 800/747-8162 or avilahotel.com.


Bistro le Clochard, offering upscale Swiss and French cuisine overlooking the harbor; 011/5999/462-5666.

Rijsttafel Indonesia, proof that Holland maintains cultural ties to its former colonies; 011/5999/864-0126.

Jaanchie’s, specializing in local dishes from fresh fish to iguana soup; 011/5999/864-0126.


Ocean Encounters, for scuba trips; 011/5999/461-8131 or oceanencounters.com.

Christoffel National Park, for cool hikes and views (early morning is best); carmabi.org/parken.asp.

Curaçao Liqueur Distillery, for bright blue drinks; curacaoliqueur.com.