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5 reasons why Curaçao should be your next sunny destination

  1. Explosion of colors

It’s no wonder that our City, Willemstad (the Capital of Curaçao) has made the Unesco World Heritage list and has also made its way to hundreds of blogs as ‘the colorful city’. Our natural harbor, St. Anna Bay, divides the city between ‘Punda’ and ‘Otrobanda’, while the Queen Emma pontoon bridge, also known as the ‘Old Swinging Lady’, connects the two. Wait until you see her at night, shining in beautiful colors like no other bridge could.

A walk in the city is like a walk in a real-sized candy land. The bright-colored historic buildings will surely remind you that you are on tropical island time.

As if that wasn’t enough, for the last couple of years the buildings and especially the vacant ones have become a local artists’ playground. Charming murals are to be seen in every little corner of Punda, Scharloo, and Seru di Otrabanda. To admire them, I suggest you take a (guided if preferred) city walk starting early in the morning. At this time of the day, weather is more breezy. Strike a pose!

  1. An array of crystalline waters

White sand beaches, turquoise waters, nice temperature, and marine biodiversity? Yes! We’ve got them all. The best beaches are found on the West side of the island. Did I mention in all shades of blue? The best way to experience them is by doing beach hopping or a boat trip. I highly recommend doing both; the view from our shores is incredibly scenic with lots of hidden caves. A boat trip also takes you to many secluded beaches which are otherwise not easily accessible by car; such as Playa Hulu and Playa San Nicolas.

The most popular beaches among others are Cas Abao, Playa Porto Marie, Klein Knip, Grote Knip, Playa Lagun, Playa Jeremi and Playa Santa Cruz. Playa Jeremi promises the best sunset. For the adrenaline junkies, Playa Santa Cruz offers a variety of water activities such as the rentals of Jet skis, kayaks and motorboats. Explore our water activities HERE.


Not to forget, Curaçao’s inhabited island, Klein Curaçao, just 45 minutes away by boat, promises to have the longest and whitest sand beach. I think we can all agree. *Catamaran photo by Bluefinn charters

If you’re a fan of beach clubs, piña colada’s with a hint of Blue Curaçao and some good music to groove on, than Mambo Boulevard and the Jan Thiel Beaches are the places to be.

The only kind of Monday blues you will have are those where your feet have sand below, blue skies above and crystal clear turquoise waters in front.

As for the underwater explorers, the big schools of tropical fish, the amazing colors and rich marine life will have you wishing you could stay under water all day! Head to Tugboat Beach and grab the underwater map for the ultimate experience.

Explore our beaches and dive spots HERE.

  1. Rich in culture

Curaçao is a friendly home to more than 50 nationalities, and we take great pride in our cultural beliefs, monumental buildings, country houses, food, folklore, and music.

Our enchanted colorful old European-design buildings are well taken care of and have become our prime trademark. Big and often, yellow country houses are to be seen all over the island. These country houses were slaves and plantation houses in the 17th Century. Some of them are open to the public and offer accommodations, historical tours, are art galleries or restaurants. Your preferred choice can be searched on our website.

If you haven’t heard yet, our local food is a big deal. With a fusion adopted from the different nationalities, we’ve created our own irresistible dishes and sprinkled some extra love in it. Learn more in the ‘foodies paradise’ paragraph.

As the end of the year approaches, you will start hearing the music of our handmade drum, the Tambú, while locals swing their hips from left to right on the beat of the rhythm. You can join us at any time, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a quick tourists’ crash course. Curaçao is known for its two biggest parades; our Carnival parade of which the Tumba Festival (our biggest musical event) is a part of and Seú, the harvest parade. Due to the pandemic, these festivals haven’t taken place this year and will most likely be canceled for 2022 as well, but we hope you can experience them as soon as possible. A euphoria, unlike any other!

*Photo 1 country house, photo 2 Seú parade, photo 3 Karnaval by Christopher Bregita

  1. Foodies paradise

As mentioned before, our love for food is truly reflected on every plate, and better yet it’s what often brings family together. Don’t be surprised if we invite you into our homes for a home-cooked meal. The smile on your faces after that first bite…priceless!

We are most popular for stewed dishes and soups; among others, the must tries are goats, iguanas and okra. Our most popular side dish is the ‘funchi’, comparable to polenta and ‘tutu’, made of black-eyed beans. Our local food market, Marshe Bieu, is located in the heart of the city (Punda), pay a visit and indulge in all the deliciousness.

If you’re craving a real catch of the day, that’s going to be in Curaçao. A wide variety of fish makes it to land and straight to the pan every day. For an authentic experience, head to the fishermen’s restaurants at Koredor, De Visserij at Piscadera or the restaurant at Playa Piskadó at Westpunt. You won’t be disappointed.

From fish markets to culinary dining experiences, local dishes to international specialties, seaside terraces to beautifully decorated spaces and amazing atmosphere, not a day will go by without amazing food choices and crafty cocktails made with our own authentic flavors of the Curacao Liquors. We have also mastered the vegetarian and vegan cuisines, and it definitely reflects in our menu options.

Late night cravings? Our food trucks got your back. And also, calories don’t count while on vacation, so be very generous with our tasty peanut sauce. Endless choices are found HERE.

Is your mouth watering yet? Because I know mine is!

*Photo 1 Red snapper, photo 2 Stew, Photo 3 and 4 by Obaar

  1. A nature lover’s dream

Want to catch some fresh air? Take it all in while in Curaçao. Diverse vegetation, many walking and hiking trails and dirt roads with jaw-dropping views to say the least. Your visit is not complete without experiencing two of our biggest national parks, the Christoffel Park (way more than just our highest mountain) and Shete Boka National Park. Catch the beautiful flamingo flock while exploring the Williwood saltpans or wake up with the birds during an early-bird hike at San Nicolas. Natural caves, forts, botanical gardens and farms are not to miss. So many breath-taking places I want to write you about, but let’s just say, you will have to be here to be able to feel it for yourself. I insist.

BONUS! Your safe haven.

The Covid-19 outbreak has undoubtedly shaken our travel plans and to most has become one of, if not the most important factor when considering a destination.

Fortunately, the Curaçao pandemic team has found the right formula to have the necessary measures for our safety in place, but just enough to not take away from your experience. Public areas are continuously sanitized and hand sanitizers are always available. 

 Take care of yourself and have FUN!

Please find updates on our entry requirements HERE.

Is your passport ready? [Books ticket to Curaçao] J.

Sunny greetings and see you soon!

Juliska, your local bestie.