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10 Must-Dive Destinations For 2019

Breanna Wilson, Forbes Contributor


Avid diver and Forbes contributor Breanna Wilson lists her top 10 dive destinations for 2019 and Curaçao's "magical blue waters" made that list. 

Curacao divingThey say you’re either an ocean person or a mountain person.

Myself? I’m all ocean, all the time. To me it’s still one of the great unknowns. It’s so close, and so much a part of our planet, and yet we know so little about it. We have better images of Venus, Mars and the moon than we do of the ocean floor.

And with adventure travel being one of 2018’s hottest trends – a trend that will certainly not be going away any time soon – more and more travelers are looking for these unknown experiences to push their limits. Experiences that keep them active – mentally and physically. Experiences that open their eyes to something new – have you ever seen a nudibranch up close? It’s incredible. Experiences that tear them away from their phones and our uber connected world and put them back in touch with nature.

So, pack your wetsuit, grab a tank and let’s hit it.


Even those of you out there that just aren’t that into scuba diving (mountain people, gasp!), even you can’t deny just how beautiful this tiny Caribbean island’s water is. Yes, even you, mountain person, will want to take a dip in this idyllic bathwater. Which is exactly why it’s no surprise why this tiny Dutch island has made this year’s list.

Because when the water is so clear that it actually looks like boats are levitating mid-air, you’re onto a place that’s pretty surreal both over and underwater. So, for the people who are into diving, you can only imagine just how exciting it is to get below the surface and see what else awaits in these magical blue waters.

The one dive site not to miss: Watamula

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